LUPHOScan Non-contact Profilometers

Non-contact 3D Optical Profilometers for Optics Surface Form/Shape Measurement

  • LUPHOScan HD +

    LUPHOScan 260-420 HD Non-contact Optical 3d Surface and Form Measurement Profilometer

    The LUPHOScan HD is the highest accuracy non-contact measurement for radius and irregularity on challenging surfaces such as high departure aspheres and freeforms. The LUPHOScan HD’s industry leading stability guarantees accuracy even in the most challenging environments and provides fast measurement cycle times with no loss in more.

  • LUPHOScan SD +

    LUPHOScan SD Optical Profilometer for Non-contact 3D Form Measurements Aspheric Lenses

    The LUPHOScan SD is the industry standard for fast non-contact Aspheric and freeform surfaces. The easy to use software makes fast accurate measurements easy to achieve. The LUPHOScan SD’s flexibility allows important optical features to be measured, such as wedge, de-centre, tilt and more.

  • LUPHOScan SL +

    LUPHOScan SL Non-contacy 3D Optical Profilometer for High Volume Production of Small Lens

    The LUPHOScan SL is ideal for high volume production of small lenses with key benefits of the system including ultra-fast measurement speeds and the ability to measure geometric lens features. Read more.