Shop Floor Roundness

Roundness & Cylindricity Measuring Machines for Shop Floor Applications

  • Talyrond® R-170 Raceway +

    Talyrond R-170 Raceway Roundness Measurement System for High Volume Bearing ProductionThe Talyrond® R-170 Raceway system has been designed specifically to address the extreme measurement demands of high volume bearing production. read more

  • Surtronic R150 +

    Surtronic R100 Series Roundness Measurement System for Shop Floor ApplicationsA range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room read more.

  • Talyrond 130 +

    Talyrond 130 Shop Floor Roundness Measurement TesterA robust bench mounted shop floor roundness measurement system designed for fast accurate measurement in the high volume production environment read more.

  • Talyrond 131 +

    Talyrond 131 Affordable Roundness Cylindricity Measuring Instrument The Talyrond 131c is an affordable roundness cylindricity measuring instrument capable of automated operation of both its radial arm and vertical column read more.