Handheld Surtronic

Portable, Flexible Surface Finish Measurement Meters/Testers

The Surtronic range from Taylor Hobson comprises of the handheld Surtronic Duo for checking surface roughness, the Surtronic S-Series which is a portable flexible surface finish measurement system with touch screen and the high-speed roundness measurement system the Surtronic R-series. The Surtronic range are easy to use, fast accurate instruments for bearings, automotive and precision industries.

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  • Surtronic Range Video +

    Surtronic S100 - Roundness VideoSurtronic Duo, Surtronic S100 Surtronic Roundness read more.

  • Surtronic S-100 Series Surface Roughness Tester +

    Surtronic Duo - superior portable surface roughness tester measures multiple roughness parametersThis newest edition to the surtronic range combines a full colour 4.3” touch display and enough battery life for 2000 measurements. On screen graph capabilities and USB connections make the S100-series ultimately capable read more.

  • Surtronic Duo Surface Roughness Tester +

    Taylor Hobson Surtronic S-100 Series Surface Roughness TesterThe Surtronic Duo II is superior portable surface roughness tester that measure multiple roughness parameters with a 1-button click read more.