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Metrology 4.0

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Metrology 4.0 software is a new software package that offers an intuitive interface with a virtual display and real-time control. It provides at-a-glance monitoring of the measurement process. Real-time simulation and true part coordinates enable monitoring and control to a level previously unprecedented in the industry. It is compatible with most of Taylor Hobson surface measurement system.

Coordinate System

  • Allow the user to control measurement and movement around any component according to the part drawing

  • Multiple systems will have the same co-ordinate system simplifying program transfer and maintenance

  • Know exactly where the stylus tip is within the coordinate system to ensure safe movement around parts and fixtures



  • Creating points around a part for movement and measurement
  • Offline programming

  • Predict and control axes movements


Real Time Display

  • The ‘TV View’ allows the user to track the measurement in real time through the on-screen profile

  • Beneficial if any dirt, marks or obscurities are seen, as the measurement can be stopped at any point, without any loss of data.

  • Measurements can be manually started and when enough of the profile is visibly measured the user can stop the measurement and the result will be automatically passed to the analysis software

CAD model integration

  • Position and program around your component model for accurate measurement and automation

  • Run any off line scripts to ensure that the program can complete its process without colliding with the part or fixture, switch back to on line instrument and run the program with confidence

Production Interface (PI) as Standard

Production Interface now supplied as a standard option within the PGI Novus software
This interface is a must for production environments – easy and quick set up
Q-DAS accredited
Multiple part measurement, analysis and data handling with traceability

2DX Auto

  • Auto-detecting the edge of roller bearings

  • Suitable for many different sizes of bearings

  • Analysis of dimensions, wall thickness, roughness and waviness

One Software Platform, Multiple Disciplines

Surface Finish, Contour and Topography on a single software platform, no need to switch between interfaces or documents

Desktop Publishing

  • Allowing customers to customise their result layouts and ensuring a more professional and personalised look/brand.

  • Create unique and full colour illustrated interactive results tailored to end users customers requirements

Multiple Page Report/Document

  • Multiple page documents - multiple analyses - 2D, 3D Contour all in one report

  • Roughness, dimensioning and form results as you see them on the part drawing

  • View and interrogate multiple results simultaneously for visualisation of surface differences

Variable Programming From External Input

  • one program can be created for a set of parts of similar but differing sizes

  • reduces the time it takes to create and maintain multiple part programs.

  • Variables can be imported from external text files or prompted for by end user

  • The instrument is intelligent enough to be able to work out exactly what part is positioned on the fixture thus removing the operator further form the decision of which program is to be executed

MATLAB Integration - End users can 

  • Take control of their own analyses by running their own unique scripts
  • Designed algorithms for filters, parameter analysis etc can be executed into the software
  • Develop their own operators or studies